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Our mission at SK Immigration is to use our expertise and experience in immigration services to help local businesses and skilled workers, students, tourists on their journey to Canada.

Our highly experienced immigration consultants understand every customer’s unique needs and ensure that their requirements are taken care of.


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  • Work in Canada
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Work in Canada

While finding a job in Canada is not easy, it is possible! A job offer from a Canadian employer can significantly increase the chances of being invited to apply for permanent residence.

At SK Immigration, we will work to explore and discuss the many alternatives for working in Canada with peace of mind.

Application help

Temporary Resident

Temporary Resident Permit

Work Permits

Extend your stay

Study Permits Extended stays

Work Permit and LMIA's Renewal


Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

The work we do with many employers throughout the province of Saskatchewan enables us to fill their positions, including those requiring foreign workers.

Ensuring the LMIA process is handled properly by our team of experts and making the process easier for employers


We have partnered with as a job agency and LMIA experts, to provide our employers with the best candidates and ensure the LMIA requirements are met.


Permanent Residency

Canada is a land of opportunity and thousands of people seek to become permanent residents and get their PR card every single year. In fact, Canada has been increasing the number of successful applicants each year.

The requirements and process steps are different depending on which route you take so it’s important to learn more and think about speaking with an immigration professional.


Express Entry

Business Immigration

Family Class Immigration

Canadian Experience Class

Provincial Nominee Program


Become a Canadian Citizen

For many immigrants who begin a new life in Canada, citizenship is the finish line at the end of a long journey.

Many Canadian permanent residents who have weathered the immigration process look forward to being granted citizenship, and are eager for the day they can be sworn in as an official Canadian citizen.

Once a permanent resident has been granted Canadian citizenship, they are entitled to the same rights and responsibilities of a natural Canadian citizen.

As Canada recognizes dual citizenship, you will not be required to relinquish your natural citizenship.


Study in Canada

The number of international students in Canada continues to grow every year. Many of them are able to stay in Canada after finishing their studies.

Canadian study permit as a pathway to obtain Canadian permanent residence.

The Study permit is a type of Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) allows students to study in Canada for a temporary period of time, and typically indicates the educational institution they are attending and course of study.

Basic steps

Choose a Program

Apply to the School

Apply for a Study Permit

Our Services

We handle your LMIA and Work permit

LMIAs (Labor Market Impact Assessments) may not be easy to obtain, but they are very helpful both for employers searching for experienced employees as well as for individuals looking for temporary residency in Saskatchewan or anywhere else in Canada.

It is part of the requirements of the Temporary Foreign Worker Programm operated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

Job Postings

Partnering with, hundreds of job postings are posted on the different job boards in Canada so that we can reach a maximum number of potential candidates

LMIA Application

We help through meeting the requirements for submitting and adquiring the LMIA's approval from IRCC

Finding your Employee

Whether already living in Canada or abroad, we find the right candidate with the required skills for the job.

Together with our clients, we have established a good system to evaluate and suggest good talent.

Work Permit Application

Obtaining the Work Permit is the final and most crucial step for the selected candidate, therefore allowing them to work and reside in Canada temporarily

NEW in Saskatchewan: International Skilled Worker

Hard to Fill Pilot

The new program is a pilot under the existing Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), and will provide a low-skill immigration pathway similar to the SINP International Worker Employment Offer Stream.

This is an employer-driven stream, meaning that foreign workers will need an official offer of employment and SINP job-approval letter before they are accepted into the Pilot


To be eligible for the Hard-To-Fill Skills Pilot program, applicants must:

First Working Process

Have a full-time, permanent offer of employment;

SINP approval letter

Have a SINP job approval letter for an eligible occupation from a registered Saskatchewan employer;

CLB level

Meet a minimum Canadian Official Language proficiency level;

Work experience

At least one year of work experience in the same occupation as the job offer or six months’ work experience in that job in Saskatchewan.




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